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We get asked often, whats the best or proper way to wear my radio strap or belt? 


Wearing your rig (radio strap) on your left or right side is really up to you, whichever you feel more comfortable with is all that really matters. There are some wrong ways of wearing your belt however, such as outside of your bunker gear or using improper placement of the radio and antenna. Our guide will help you along the way with your setup! 

While Donning Gear
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Follow these 4 easy steps to learn about the proper way to don your radio strap. Make note that there may be some differences between turnouts, hoods etc, so at the end of the day, it will be important for you to practice this with your own gear especially if you have never used a radio strap before. 

Side View of Antenna
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The proper way to wear your radio strap includes hanging the radio at the proper height and location. This image helps display proper placement.

Right and Wrong
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Wearing your radio strap outside of your bunker gear leaves you vulnerable to snags, damage, and potential mic lock from heat burnover. Take the time to get familiar with proper radio placement to ensure that it's working when you need it. 

Other Resources
*Click picture for the Fairfax County report

In 2013, Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department's Communication Section produced an excellent report about Portable Radio Placement in the IDLH. They used actual tested data and explained their results in a well organized and thought provoking report. Click the icon above for the document. 

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