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In Loving memory Clown's Coop Diablo.


Fire-Hide Leather - About Us


If you havent noticed already by looking through our pages, we are all about fire service tradition. Our products are designed to remind us of where we came from and to celebrate those traditions. Firefighters have been using leather products since the beginning and we continue to do so today. 


My name is Ted and I started Fire-Hide Leather after using other leather products that looked like they were purchased off the shelf, which they were. There was no tradition behind them and they all looked the same. If a product broke, you merely replaced it. As a firefighter for nearly 20 years now, I decided it was time for something unique and something that would last a firefighter's entire career. I started working with my current leather products and finding ways to make them better. I saw some great leather examples over time and never forgot how cool they looked. I realized early that you need quality partners to make quality products. That's why I only use the best. My leather is from Hermann Oak Leather from St. Louis, MO. Hermann Oak Leather has a tradition of honesty, hard work, quality and good service. All are core qualities that I strive to exceed with every product I make. 


In 2010 I started making small items and have built my company ever since. I started with radio straps, then radio holders. I added leather stamps and paint for customization and I decided early on to only use copper and brass, stainless steel and black hardware whenever possible, we leave that decision up to you. The rest is history.


I want to thank you for visiting Fire-Hide Leather. If I can be of any help, please let me know. Be safe out there brothers and sisters and please never forget those who currently serve and to those who have given all for the service. 




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